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Pomp Music

The Pomponio Company is a boutique Artist Agency dealing with predominantly DJs and dance artists.  We provide music for nightclubs, lounges, bars, hotels, restaurants, and events throughout the country.

After spending 26 years in the "band" business, the Company saw the need to move to the dance arena, and concentrate its efforts solely in that area. The roster includes DJs who specialize in House, Hip-Hop, Electro, Top 40, and Mashup styles, as well as bands whose set lists  reflect today’s dance scene.
Performance and show are the primary focus of the entire roster.

The main focus of the Company has always been on finding, developing, and nurturing young, exciting, and exceptional talent. The Pomponio Company prides itself on working with entertainers whose musicianship and performance are beyond reproach. In certain instances, the Company consults with exclusive venues both as the primary booker for the venue, as well as a consultant and national talent buyer. The roster is sure to captivate any audience with its ability as well as it’s stage show, whatever the event or wherever
the venue.

DJ Neekola

I am rewarded by happy faces, pumping fists and dancing feet.
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Female DJs

Pomponio Company offers the sexiest Female DJ's for any club or party!
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DJ Vito G

Vito is a strong presence and keeps the clubs energized with his personality and excellent music selection (all genres).
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