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Who is DJ Girl 6

“The blue-eyed blonde that blends beats…and sticks out like Gwen Stefani on BET.”
In Spike Lee’s movie “Girl 6,” the lead character (a phone sex operator) used a number instead of her name to remain anonymous. DJ GIRL 6, on the other hand, is far from anonymous, adopting the moniker because the movie reminded her of the harsh realities behind going “all in” to pursue your dreams. Harsh realities aside, DJ GIRL 6 has fought her way to the cutting edge of DJ techniques and technology, blazing trails for others to follow.

DJ GIRL 6 is a pioneer in the Video DJ movement. She is one of the first commercial video remixers on the scene, period. Her clever and thought-provoking use of wordplay and movie clips won her one of the first video remixer spots on where she remains the only female to date. 

The driving force behind Miss 6’s trailblazing is simple – she’s damn good! The simple fact is both her production and performances alike are a manifestation of a lifetime of experience. DJ GIRL 6 has been flirting with DJing her entire life, and it's rather obvious that DJing likes what it sees. 
At 15 she worked as a hotel maid to buy her then-boyfriend turntables and a mixer. He dumped her the day before his birthday.  She then spent the next few weeks scratching “f*ck you” into his parents’ answering machine.  Want to know where that guy ended up? Kinko’s in Redding, CA (we looked it up!).  Realizing how naturally DJing came to GIRL 6, she became much more aggressive in her pursuit of her dreams.  After 10 years of perfecting her craft, the manner in which she commands the tools at her fingertips has become nothing short of sorcery.

This time-tested talent has won her a place in the hearts of A-list celebrities who began demanding her as their opening act or touring DJ (See Bragging Rights).  As anyone can tell from this small taste of her extensive resume, DJ GIRL 6's notoriety is well-earned, as her Vegas-style sets will have you dancing to everything from Elton John to Lil’ Jon!

Accolades DJ Girl 6

Category: Best Hip Hop Producer: 2nd place for:
Sir Mix A Lot’s “Till The Sun Comes UP” JP Folks ‘05

Real Girls Real Skills - Produced/Wrote/Directed First All-Female Instructional DJ DVD ‘05

Taught Real Girl Real Skills Camp for Underprivileged Girls ’05-‘07

Invented/Patented Portable Turntable Light ‘07

DJ’s Battle for Peace - Seattle, WA ’06 (1st Place)

Video Producer Credits from ‘06 to Present (Ultimate Bay Hyphy Mix to Warped on Drugs)

Guitar Center Battle – Seattle, WA ‘06 (1st Place)

Candy Bar Battle – Las Vegas, NV ’09 (1st Place)

Battle of the Sexes – Club Savannah – New York, NY ’10 (1st Place)

Produced Interactive Live Show Entitled “’Sin’ulation Overload” Tour 2010

Las Vegas’ Best Female DJ – Nominee ’10,’11

Author of America’s 1st DJ Memoir ‘11

Official DJ for TLC’s! Westfield Style Tour w/ Stacy London, “What NOT to Wear!” ‘11

Press Highlights DJ Girl 6

Spy on Vegas (04/11)
Premiere (04/10)
Club Zone (03/10)
Action 3 News (01/10)
Club District (12/09)
Dallas Socials (11/09)
Las Vegas Night Life (09/09)
 Metromix Jersey Shore (08/09)
Trump News (02/09)
Girls of Hip Hop (02/09)
Red Orbit (01/09)
Business Journal (01/09)
Backstage Underground 01/09)
Reuters (12/08)
Newsday (12/08)
New York Post: Page Six (12/08)
USA Today (12/08)
News Blaze (12/08)
Hip Hop Press (12/08)
High Beam (12/08 & 05/05)
Las Vegas Night Life (11/08)
Las Vegas Weekly (11/08)
Atlantic City Weekly (11/08)
Social Median (11/08)

Newsday (11/08)
Yahoo News (11/08)
Times Square Gossip (11/08)
The Insider (11/08)
Mix Matters (07/08)
 Ya Heard (03/08)
Ozone (05/07 & 06/07)
Ace Magazine (06/07)
Sound (06/06)
Rap Attack (06/06)
 EQ (05/05)
Rocker Girl (06/05)
Bust (06/05) 
Mobile DJ (01/05 & 06/04)
UR Chicago (09/04)
The Stranger (05/05)
Tablet (12/04 & 01/05)
DJ Times (04/05)
Remix Online (03/05)
Roof (Urban Latino TV NY) (03/05)
 Grinde Mode Magazine (04/05)
Thick Magazine (04/05)
to name a few.

Venues Played DJ Girl 6

Rich Baby (Shenzhen, China)
Rok Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
LAVO (Las Vegas)
Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA)
MGM Events Center (Las Vegas, NV)
Venom (Seattle, WA)
Globe (Guam, Tamuning)
Rumor (Boston, MA)
Hub (Fargo, ND)
Casbah (Atlantic City, NJ)
Nikki Beach (Miami, FL)
Le Baron (Tokyo, Japan)
Sun Village (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
Shadow Bar (Houston, TX)
Boardwalk (New York, NY)
Aqua (Modesto, CA)
Mandalay Bay Events Ctr. (Las Vegas, NV)
Blue Balls Festival (Zurich, Switzerland)
Estrojam (Chicago, IL)
Rehab Pool (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV)
Fantasy (Xi’an, China)
Plush (Dallas, TX)
Venue (Oklahoma City, OK)
Hotel (Louisville, KY)
Club Carlin (Billings, MT)
Last Supper Club (Seattle, WA)
Voodoo (Las Vegas, NV)
House Of GaGa (Shenzhen, China)
Three (Milwaukee, WI)
Hard Rock (Tampa, FL)
Zen (Philadelphia, PA)
Gossip (Vancouver B. C.)
Pearl (San Jose, CA)
Karma (Loredo, TX)
House of Blues (Las Vegas, NV)
Thrive (Dallas, TX)

Contact/Booking DJ Girl 6

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